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P. Michael Bizanovich, President

In the early 1980s when personal-computing was in its infancy, TSG's founder, Mike Bizanovich, with his background in electronics and fascination for technology, began developing sophisticated, financial models for real estate and equipment leasing investments. In 1984, Mike was hired part-time by an investment banking firm to develop financial models and computerize the office. At the same time, he began laying the groundwork for a PC sales and consulting business. In 1985, BIZ Consulting opened for business.

With a focus on “Service First” and a consultative approach to sales, BIZ Consulting grew to the point that in 1991, ComputerLand Corporation approached Mike about the possibility of BIZ becoming a franchisee of the world’s then-largest computer systems and peripherals aggregator. This relationship was a “fit”, and for the next ten years, ComputerLand Wheeling continued to grow, following a service-central business model. During this period, Mike fortified his workforce with talented employees with the same heart and mind-set for attentive customer service.

Mike strongly believes that employee compensation and financial reward be tied to productivity and customer service; he instills in his employees that “what is good for the company is good for the employee, and vice-versa”.

In 2000, with the ComputerLand commitment coming to an end, the business name Technology Services Group, Inc. was adopted, to help demonstrate that what began as a PC sales and services company, had evolved into a much broader based technology company. Through the years, Mike has closely monitored technology innovations and advancements and has taken a conservative approach to introducing unproven “advances” to customers. He believes that this approach is crucial to providing TSG’s customers a maximum return on investment for their equipment and services spending.

With a commitment to TSG’s continued steady growth and expansion in the coming years, he is focused on staying current with advancements in technology and finding future employees with the right attitude and aptitude for the customer.

Technology, electronics, and music are passions for Mike. As a musician (he plays guitar, banjo, and some keyboard), he has a recording studio in his home where he enjoys many creative hours. Other pastimes and hobbies include watching youth soccer, photography, videography, and spending time with his family. He has a background in youth ministry and volunteers time to Young Life, a Christian outreach to high school students and serves as an elder at Covenant Community Church. Mike is married and has two daughters.

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