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Rob Materkoski, Vice-President/Senior Analyst

In mid-1993, Rob Materkoski joined the ComputerLand Wheeling team, bringing with him a solid history in sales and management coupled with a recent degree in information technology. While pursuing his degree, Rob worked full-time as a retail sales manager, and at the same time began raising a young family with his wife. To call Rob “driven” is an understatement. At ComputerLand, he hit the ground running and with a deep conviction for customer service and an eye for continued growth, Rob forged a bond with owner, Mike Bizanovich, that continues to this day. Bizanovich states: “Rob came to us at a crucial time in our history. IT products were becoming commodities, and we needed our staff to understand the need for growing our services business and have an unflagging commitment to customer satisfaction. Rob’s background was steeped in this tradition of excellence and we were and are fortunate that he is part of our team.”

During the latter half of the 1990’s, Rob was responsible for continuous year-on-year sales growth for the company and took a leadership role with new hires. Not just a “sales-guy”, but a gifted IT consultant, technician, and analyst, Rob was quickly named Sales Manager/Senior Analyst. With a “lead-by-example” management style, Rob has trained and nurtured a growing staff of technicians and engineers who are among the top in the industry.

In 2000, ComputerLand Wheeling became Technology Services Group, Inc. (TSG). With the new company structure, Rob took on the roles of vice president and secretary of the corporation. Additionally, during this decade, Rob earned and took on additional responsibilities in his managerial roles. Based on his dedicated commitment to TSG and his focus on the continued growth and success of the company, Rob became an equity shareholder of the corporation. As an owner, Rob continues in his management roles and, by example, leads a growing staff of techs, engineers, and sales staff in providing state-of-the art sales and services with a steadfast objective for excellence in customer service.

Rob believes that close customer relationships, honesty, and listening to client needs is what sets TSG apart from other IT companies. “We are not in it for the quick sale. We want to partner with our clients to be their total solution provider and trusted long-term business partner ”.

Rob enjoys golf, cooking, running, fishing, and science fiction. He is married and has two daughters.

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